NFTs are like light; both a particle and a wave depending on the perspective of the observer. NFTs are an art platform, at the same time a financial platfrom--depending how your contexts dictates you see it. So, what if we take a step back and account for both sides of NFTs, artisitic and fiancial, we can see their bigger power. For example; fan clubs are now also hedge funds--the new financial models that fund regenerative energy infrustructure needed to reverse climate damage may come from K-pop fan clubs and not national governments.

With cheaper gas prices everyone, including artists, should be thinking of way to be an issuer of NFTs and not a seller. This action democratizes value issuing away from national governments and into the hands of individuals. The hippies were right--we all have value...and NFTs can highlight that value!

Agent-Centric Reputation Building: NFT Highlighting Learning of Holochain

Artwork created by Polyannie

Using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to highlight the flows in my life:

Authored renewable energy use case using Holochain Dapp construction in 2017:

Attended 8 months of Holochain weekly Hackalongs:

EU/US Virtual Hackalong Session

An Agent-Centric Approach to Aiding Victims of Conflict: A Skunk’s Work

No matter your role in conflict we encourage all participants to capture their conflict narratives in a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

I am choosing to represent my military service with series of tokens.

Tier 1: Easy monthly support of…

Earn reputation for showing up

Watch on #Periscope: Showing up Current See #altcurrency #commonsengine #currentsee #currencydesign #flows #postcapitalist

*The rules detailed in this essay are a simple framework to gamify attendance. We encourage other groups to tailor the rules to the needs and cultural priorities of their group. However…

Short Audio Summary by Section

Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Green Paper: Legal Disclaimer and bridging crypto-Short Audio Summary. #holo #holochain

Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Green Paper: Intro. Audio Summary. #holo #holochain

Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Green Paper: Overview-Audio Summary #holo #holochain

Aligning People, Planet, and Profits

193 countries agreed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — Demonstrating how businesses fit into this global framework is a necessary step in reconstructing systems from the bottom-up to fulfill the goals.

Any financial movement in any area of the hemp right now is historic and worthy of examination and replication.

The below slides present hemp in the context of the UN’s SDGs — Anyone is invited to use this information and or presentation to pitch financial institutions to fund hemp ventures. Any feedback on effectiveness of the presentation is welcome. Further, any information on financial institutions seeking to invest in hemp or any pro-SDG venture is also welcome.

Greg Kerr

Pentagon analyst turned African green energy builder and smart city consultant.

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